the cool thing about me is you can never tell when i’m bullshitting

I’m on a high degree of Overwhelm lately. Nothing in particular to justify my lack of cohesion. Included in the muddled fog in my head: some kind of cold / sore throat; my six-days-a-week early morning walk (good for the body, hampering my nighttime frenetic energy); Sophie getting chicken pox (surfaced yesterday); two separate large monetary gifts and one large purchase (welcome soon dear duo-processer G5, predicted henceforth to be my Most Favorite Possession); not especially experiencing marital bliss lately (husband overworked; Mama feeling sick and tired); really slacking on housework and feeling bad about it. On the bright side, my own mother came up for a couple days’ company, which was great. She is good to my kids and fun to be with. She also is the tie-breaker in the Sushi Vs. Get That Fish Outta My Face standoff that the four of us have, and she is on the side of Good.

Perhaps due to my waning energy and / or listnessness, my four (normally) fabulous Me-Time activities today (walking group, sewing group, date night with Cyn, and Book Club) did not in fact solve all my problems and I am left feeling inadequate and absent from myself. Oh, and I also went on another hike with Abbi and our four kids. Maybe I’m getting too much Me Time, have you thought of that? I thought not.

Back to scrubbing the kitchen floor with my tears. Tomorrow, I’ll be back either bitching about people I know or talking maudlin lovespeak about my snot-nosed (and now Pox-y) brood.

Have I mentioned my oldest rocks? I’ll bet you can’t tell which one I drew and which one she drew. Thanks to Mia for the picture.

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