i will hoard them like treasure

Today as I drove home from playschool I looked in the rearview mirror at my children and was struck by my dazzling fortune to have them in my care. In these moments, they were quiet; looking out the window, the oldest one sucking her thumb, the little one rubbing his eye. What beauties they are! And so big. I have raised them so well – so far! It is miraculous for me to think I went from having no parenting experience to learning to care for their every need to our mutual satisfaction.

My little boy’s new haircut (Ralph has taken to calling him “Ningo”, which we all love) keeps me enthralled. He is a little boy now, not a baby. His curls are beautiful – and no longer get tangled in his clothes. I am going to leave him with Babydaddy for a few days while I head out on a roadtrip with Sophie, Sara, and Sidda. I will miss him, and his strong arms that wrap around my neck as he says, “Mama, hold you!”

In other news, my legs and ass – and, really, every other part of my body below my next and above my feet – ache. I have started back in at my favorite exercise class on Mondays. Tuesday I went to a friend’s yoga class, thinking, This will help me work out the stiffness from last night – only to be workout-raped by a very challenging hour and a half of vigorous body contortions (you’ve gotta love a yoga class whose sole resting pose is Downward Dog – and you are so desperate you look forward to it).

I was so worn out after class I didn’t even light up my post-workout fag.

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