i’m not a Material Girl, but i can still get down with one

It’s 10:29 AM and already I’ve changed diapers, washed three sets of hands several times, fed the cat, dressed us all, cooked two meals, taken my children on the bus downtown and back to visit my husband, and answered the door to a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses. With all the activity I feel I”ve been engaged in, it’s unfair it isn’t at least 2 PM. Today might be one of those “Enforced Nap For Three Hours No Matter How Tired You Actually Are” kind of days.

So – I’ve been off and on Madonna.com lately when I get a spare mo. Go ahead and laugh, but seriously – what’s not to like? My favorite, absolute favorite, video of hers is 2001’s “What It Feels Like For A Girl”- but heck, I like almost all of them. And as much as I enjoy watching the now almost 20-year old videos (“Like A Virgin”, featuring Madonna singing from a Parisian gondola, was the shit when I was a young girl and still can infect me with an inexplicable bubblegum-and-Aqua-Net glee), I really dig the newer (older?) Madonna. These last two releases she’s flaunting her lean, excellent, 48-year old ass in a Saturday Night Fever-esque leotard and she has the moves to back it up. It’s catchy, too; I’ve had “Sorry” stuck in my head for a full day.

Nostalgic pop and danceroom flufff aside, I just bought Imogen Heap’s Speak For Yourself on iTunes. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I’m not the biggest fan of Frou Frou, but perhaps I can learn.

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