now terror in the skies *slithers*

In case you’ve been wondering, I am not at all immune to the rising phenomenon of the upcoming film Snakes On A Plane, of which besides the official site we also have several t-shirts, a designated blog, an LJ community, at least one plaintive ballad, some baked goods, and more than a few bloggers cataloging the anticipated trailers and press releases (my all-time favorite blogger Levin’s entries 1 and 2).

My point is, dear readers (and please understand I am only scratching the surface with the links I’ve posted above), that really all there is to be said has been said – at least until the movie comes out, when Ralph and I are first in line. You can count on seeing me sporting a t-shirt soon… when I’m less broke.

Off to Open Gym with my wee ones.

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