this entry is really going to be boring unless you’re also a big crafty geek

I don’t miss my weekly sewing class. For anything. Not for childcare that cancels on me, husbands who have jobs and shouldn’t take time off, personal or familial illness, nor babysitters who not only make my children cry but apparently photo-blog about it using my Photo Booth and new iMac, (to be honest, though, the kids love her even if she meanly pinches them while no one’s looking). Our sewing classes are woefully limited here in Port Townsend – unless you want to sew a quilt (I don’t) or make a potholder – but luckily a local seamstress in town has stepped up and committed to teaching.

So anyway, today in class we started on making patterns from clothes we own. Up until now I technically knew this was possible – but I’ve been a pattern-following girl most my life. I guess I’ve just not been impressed with the lazy Paint directions and slutty / barely-functional results I’ve seen in DIY sewing out there (however, this extremely lo-fi method of recon has been used many times by my husband and children). So anyway, besides slutting up a few shirts semi-successfully I have mostly stayed clear of copying or altering my own stuff. But I have these cute little chinos with a stripe up the side (my “Racing Stripe”) and I’d love to think those babies could live on, even if the originals are worn and have a bleach-spot or two. Today I started drawing them up and I got to fondle them a bit, their well-worn folds and rough spots.

Soon, soon little chino – you will be cloned.

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