the entertainments of philistines

This morning I woke around 7 AM completely disconnected from reality. Where was I? What day was it? What time is it? Shit, what have I forgotten to do? I am so used to getting up early and immediately setting to cooking for, cleaning after, and dressing up small children that as I slowly surfaced to the fact it was a Saturday I experienced a sharp, joyous revelation. As I lay there listening to the silence my daughter padded into the room and wordlessly slipped under the electric blanket next to me (her favorite setting is “13”) and wrapped her arms around me. I realized we were the first in the house awake. My husband was in the children’s room sleeping with our son.

Unfortunately, since late last night I’ve come down with a cold and bad sore throat. Despite this, and in hopes ignoring illness is the best policy (it’s not), at 10 AM I attended a Small Business Seminar out at the Tri-Center in Chimacum for a couple hours. The grand sum of this enterprise was that I left feeling dizzy, ill, depressed, and entirely sure I did not want to attempt working for myself, or building a business, ever in my life. Good luck with that out there, Everybody Else (P.S. People-watching at free seminars is definitely worth the time spent and the nasty-ass coffee they usually have).

I also watched The Squid And The Whale last night, which has moved up to be my Favorite Recent Film I Can’t Stop Thinking About. This is a good thing in many ways; Thursday’s viewing of Hustle & Flow has had “Hard Out Here For a Pimp” brain-raping me relentlessly.

And with that update, it’s time to sit back on my ass, drink some tea, and hope to get well enough to deal with Life In General starting Monday.

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