birfday gift: yet another homo bag

Pegs is having her 19th birthday in a couple days. Happy birthday, Pegs! Last Saturday we did one of those family birthday things. My kids made her a card and I threw together this purse. It was very fun.

For the raw materials: Pegs gave me this t-shirt and pair of jeans 2 years ago intending me to make a skirt out of the shirt. The jeans had a rather essential (read: crotchal) tear and couldn’t really be mended. I’ve always wondered how cool a purse would be, sewn in jersey and reinforced / lined by denim.

For the top zipper: RS together, sew a window for the zipper. Slash to corners, flip RS out. Edgefinish. Topstitch zipper in. Easy-peasy.

Zig-zag stitching is very fun, and fortunately, works well on t-shirt knits. This is all you get to see of the jeans lining. Yes, I took a back pocket out and sewed it inside, too. Tee-hee!

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