that’s for me to know and you to find out

I watched one of my favorite movies again the other day – as a result, I’ve had Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams” stuck in my head (the song played during two of my favorite scenes). Man, I wish I could belt it out like that old geezer could. I also (fervently) wish my life always had a creepy undertone like that in Blue Velvet. A girl can dream…

In about thirty-five minutes my kids and I are catching the bus to Brinnon to meet up with my parents for dinner. I hope, hope to the Sweet Lord above, my youngest child chooses to sleep in a sweetly-smelling, sweatly little pile in my arms. Instead of climbing all over me, kicking me in the face, and attempting to pull the “stop” cord constantly (his current favorite transit-riding pasttime).

Only time will tell.

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