"i wants" (reasonable requests)

1. The stitch-it kit ($23) and four-pack discount ($10) — I’d have to pick from my favorites of veggies, pirates ahoy, tattoo, western, kit(s)c(h)en, under-the-sea, and chinatown patterns –from Sublime Stitching.com.

2. The vegecol moisturizing cream ($13) from Aubrey. Now at the local co-op!

3. A steady line on the Valhalla Coffee ($13/lb) my girlfriend Kelly brought me (the lucky minx lives within reasonable driving distance). Let me tell you, the only thing cooler than great coffee is great coffee with a really rad hand-drawn viking on the label:

4. Sushi at BISH ($20).

5. The Life Aquatic: Studio Sessions featuring Seu Jorge (iTunes exclusive) ($10).

5. My Stich-N-Bitch book back from Rachel (free).

6. My last cigarette which was stolen yesterday – you know who you are – (priceless).

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