in finding links i discover it’s best not to study "pickling" operations too closely

Sophie’s a popular girl. Yesterday in two separate incidents, mothers to boys in her preschool told me their sons were talking about her. First was Ben, who has been consistently referring to Sophie as “his girlfriend” (apparently viewing Sophie and Kincaid’s Siamese-twinlike relationship as open to a third party). Then Sam apparently had a dream involving three of his classmates, of which Sophie was key. After I picked her up from school I told her that in Sam’s dream she was the pilot in a rocketship carrying her three classmates. I watched her in the mirror as she processed this information. Her brows beetled, then smoothed. “Yes, I was,” she affirmed, then stuck her thumb in her mouth and looked out the window, very satisfied.

Highlights of my day so far:

  • Chocolate cake ala-Harper’s 2nd birthday (for post-breakfast).
  • Something tasty that smells gross (for lunch).
  • Briefly fondled my sewing equipment (after chores were done and before kids woke up from naps).
  • Watched these ads (I haven’t seen anything as cute as the “Network” ad in a while).
  • Made fabulous Lifetime-movie watching date at Sara’s for the afternoon.
  • Made fabulous lunch date at Abbi’s for tomorrow.

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