Letter to Anonymous, #004

Dear Stalking Subject,

Today, uptown, was the first time I’ve seen you in weeks. You were striding down the street in your typical boot-sparkin’ style. Now that I ran across you I feel like you have officially christened the summer for me. I was wondering why I haven’t seen you; part of it is you seem to be frequenting your haunts less often (uptown, downtown near Swain’s parking lot); part of it is that I myself don’t get there much, preferring to hang out in parks, at friends’, and in Newtown.

Anyway, what I’m here to tell you is I feel our stalking relationship is at and end. I am just not getting the thrill I used to. Part of it is that I don’t see or hear of any new exploits; part of it is a stalking relationship is just really not all that satisfying (I’m even considering abandoning stalking altogether). I hope you understand. I will always hold a fond place in your heart; but as of today I relinquish our special, if one-sided, relationship.

Oh, and by the way – happy birthday! I missed it this year.



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