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Today was my husband’s birthday. After farming the kids out for the evening and cooking him a just-for-two dinner (he sat and relaxed while I did everything), we had a surprise with a few friends over and I served this:

I wish I had better to offer than shitty webcam photos. Pegs and I hastily took this while four families including buttloads of kids were clamoring for it. Here’s a rundown:

* A plane. With snakes. Motherfuckin’ snakes! (click and look closely: snakes are deadly and to scale).

* Four layer (Devil’s food and yellow box cakes) with cream-cheese frosting filling.

* Best Chocolate Frosting Ever (recipe from Seattle’s Pasta & Co). Thanks, Becca!

* Candy decorations: chocolate jordan almonds and chocolate candied apricots from Elevated Ice Cream.

* Confetti and birthday sign:

* 3 white candles (1 decade each) and a yellow one (value =-1).

Did I mention the motherfuckin’ snakes?

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