another reason you want to be my friend

One of the disappointing facts about life is that when some of the funnest stuff is going on it is a big challenge to get my blogging in. Take the last few days. On Thursday, a visit from girlfriend Kelly and her son Hank. Then this weekend: a visit from my girlfriend Jen and her two kids Leif (6) and Cassidy (3). It’s been musical beds here and you never know where you might find a kid.

Jennifer and I have known one another twenty-one years. We were inseparable for the first decade of that. We grew up, went our separate ways (she to various forms of work, boyfriends, and time as a Deadhead; I to college) but have never lost touch. Now that we both have two young kids, challenging marriages to redheaded boys, and a bleak family financial scene we have so much in common – a relatively low common-denominator way of life. However: put together, four of the most beautiful little trinkets to behold who literally keep us laughing so hard we might pee our pants.

It didn’t take long for Leif and Sophie to take to one another. Overheard:

Leif (to Sophie): “When we grow up are you going to marry me?”
Sophie [very, very sidelong look and long pause]: “Yes.”

As I type this my husband is leaving with the kids. While the Mamas slept in (Jen still doing so) he got four children up, washed, fed, and dressed, and is now heading out to the park. As he left he said, “I am awesome.” I have to agree.

Add to this Thursday night when he stayed in with three kids and rocked crying baby Hank to sleep so his Mama could get a night out.

Seriously, if you’re a Mama, you want to be my friend. My husband puts out in ways that really turn a girl on.

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