feeling drained and no wonder

I just got back from a playdate in Tacoma; yes, a three-hour roundtrip to hang out. There are just some ladies I love too much.

The only negative aspect to this trip was that my van’s stock CD player seems to have partially crapped out. It read one of my home-burned CDs, but no others. Weird. So I was stuck with either this CD or the radio for listening pleasure. Now I have mentioned before my horrific habit when stuck on a roadtrip with a radio and no adult conversation. My children apparently don’t mind; they did not once get offended today at hearing snippets of AC/DC, Jesus talk-radio, NPR, Chamillionaire, and that annoying song from that annoying movie K-PAX.

At least I had the scenic drive – strip malls and brown grass. Whoo-hoo.

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