Boring McBores-a-Lot

You know that organic baby spinach mix you scoop up in bulk, and it’s like $6.99 / lb. and you get pissed if there are any slimy leaves or wee yellow bits? Well Mother of Christ today I learned why you pay so much. I was trained at how to harvest it out at the Farm. First you squat down in the mud and lean over the bed of baby greens. Using your left hand you somehow gather up a bunch – without bruising the leaves, while parting the other tiny leaves right against the ground – then you cut into your hand using your right. Holding the spinach leaves loosely, you “tap out” all the knife-shaped tiny leaves – the first leaves of spinach, which spoil quickly in the case so much be removed – I can’t remember the name for these leaves. Anyway, you also must keep an eagle eye out for catching the crown of the plant or any weeds. Which are also green and leafy. All this while a “spinach harvesting expert” is hovering over your shoulder and watching your every move and picking on you if you fuck up.

I will have some real respect the next time I see that little bin at the co-op.

Tonight we are watching my girlfriend Abbi’s two babes. She and her husband are out for a birthday dinner – hers. I feel somewhat awesome because I actually pulled together a present for her – on time, at that. Thursday: Sophie’s first day of preschool.

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