craftin’ the light fantastic

This year’s school backpack for Sophie:

Made from a pair of brown corduroy pants my mom gave me for recon. I also got a pair of 70’s style slacks for Sophie out of this donation too. See, I can be frugal when I wanna!

Nerdily wearing a dress and pants I also sewed for her. Too young to know it isn’t cool to wear handsewn stuff from Mama.

Here was last year’s backpack (which she still uses):

Look at how little she is! And her chubby little arms! And that little booty in the overalls!

A closeup of the Jack patch, which I got from LoriV’s shop at Etsy (so cute, so fast, amazing packaging – I am going to Etsy-stalk her until she’s tired of me!).

This is my first knitting project of the season. A stripey Halloween-esque hat for the girl. Yes, I do in fact know I have another child, and yes I am going to sew for him. Sheesh!

I know I’m biased, but my daughter is beautiful.

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