from Kelly’s weekend of exhaustive sewing enterprises

Last Sunday we attended our friends Pete and Brenda’s birthday party for their son, Archer (more pictures from the party here). Here’s the backpack I sewed for the boy (sadly, the backpack pictures are only so-so – the embroidery says “Archer”, duh):

Sophie not only loves my sewing, she helps me with a lot of it (in this case, she sat on my lap for some of the stitches and picked out the buttons). Then she is thrilled to gift it. Just look at her expression and body language. I know in my heart of hearts I may not always have a child who shares my passion, but for now I do, and I love it.

Embroidery is not my forte – not yet, anyway – so I had Abbi do this for me – she is speedy and talented. In return I am tracing her a pattern for my lurvely custom-made boxer shorts. P.S. check out my friend Brenda’s truly amazing rack!

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