here we go again

My anniversary weekend is here and gone and I didn’t make time to blog, mostly because I was having a great time. The entire weekend was sponsored by my family, really. We didn’t have to think it through weeks ago when my mom suggested we head down there, leave the kids with my parents, and enjoy ourselves. My brother gave us $50 to enjoy dinner and a pampered evening. Saturday we hit a flick (a football movie featuring Mark Wahlberg), the beach, and had a nice dinner together; stayed out most the day. You have to trust me that the football movie was the best option in the little beach town we were visiting.

And yeah, it was romantic. I’m not going to tell you any details about parking in our very first makeout spot ever or our alone time but suffice to say yeah, we got it on (like that Whitesnake video!). Be jealous, bitches!

I am humbled by the amount my family supports our marriage and our wee ones. It feels like they’re all pulling for our little foursome. My parents cooked for us, cleaned for us, bought my daughter tickets to go rock climbing at the street festival. They watched the kids both nights – even making a pallet for them to sleep in their room – so Ralph and I could have our own time alone. It was odd; like visiting other people’s children. It was the first time in our lives as parents that we haven’t felt the strain of responsibility. Of course we have for years now allowed them to help us in some ways; but this was the first time we really allowed it fully, without worrying we were imposing. I hope to hell we weren’t because I want to do it again!

Now my husband tells me he read that after 5 years of marriage your chances of death ending your marriage are higher than your chances of divorce ending it (10%). That’s a cheering thought! Kinda.

Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus for our family; our marriage; our children. Our two cars that run. Our good health. Another month’s rent paid. Thanks that we’ve made it this far (relatively) unscarred and unafraid! Here’s to another 5 and many more Grandparent-sponsored childcare weekends!

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