behold ye salvage bag!

You: “My, what a sedate, well-crafted messenger bag you have there. Where-ever did you buy it? How much did you pay for such a lovely piece of work – nay, art?”

Me: “Check it out, bitch! This is no boring store-bought bag! I made this UP, all by myself. From stuff I found around my sewing room and by hacking the hardware off an old canvas Target purse.”

(material salvaged from leftover fabric – my husband’s gusset-crotch pants – and Sophie’s Drive-In dress).

Note Essential Pocket #1: notebook outer pocket. And my topstitchin’ – it’s always bitchin’.

Note Essential Pocket #2: cigarette welt pocket. Welt pockets are awesome. My picture of this one is assy. Who cares. Too bad I’m not smoking at the moment. I’ll take it up though, to warrant my cool pocket.

Other essential pockets include: pen and pencil sleeves, Secret Tampon Pocket, bound zippered pocket for makeup etc.

Closeup of the delightfully garish inner fabric.

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