buns in the oven

I have discovered recently that I am an overbaker. It comes by naturally – my mom is, too. I’m not sure if my dad or brother ever baked anything but I’m sure if they did, it was crumbly and dry. Never soft, chewy cookies in our household – always the crispy ones which are still better than No Cookies so we made do (did you know cookies should be taken out of the oven while they still look wet?). I have this fear of baking something with a gooey middle, but then I realize it has never happened in my life except that one time at the Farm when the gas oven assed-out on me. So the possibility enters my mind I need to take things out of the oven sooner.

So today I am making a Quick Plain Cake coupled with a rather fancy frosting – the “Best Chocolate Frosting” from Pasta & Co. Coupled on top of my efforts regarding overbaking I have managed to make the moronic error of putting too much flour in the batter, resulting in THREE cakes now cooling on my windowsill. The cake was originally intended for a friend whose dinner we are providing tomorrow; now I have two additional portions to attend to.

As I type this my son is climbing all over me me. He’s wearing nothing but his sister’s “Friday” panties, a drawn-on goatee he supplied himself with, and a smile.

np – Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” which I really can’t help but like. One of those overplayed songs that somehow hasn’t lost the charm for me.

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