"Honest to God – *plays*!"

Tonight Cyn, Sara and I went for dinner at Nemo’s then a play at the Paradise Theatre in Chimacum. The play – “The Last Paving Stone” by Y York – I don’t care for much. However, this is the third performance at the Paradise I’ve attended and I always enjoy it. Among other interesting experiences, we were almost hit by flying hunks of fake sod, too. The whole audience, in fact, was at risk but escaped harm.

Today in the car on our way back from visiting Ralph:

Sophie: “Diarrhea means poop.”

Me: “Yup. It means lots of runny poop. That you can’t really control.”

Sophie: “You don’t eat it though.”

(Startled, I look in the rearview mirror and see her nose is scrunched up and she is making “kitten face”, showing each little white sharp tooth with her ears laid back).

Me: “Nope.”


Me: “Dogs do.”

Sophie: “What.

Me: “Some dogs. Eat poo.”

Another pause. I sneak another look in the rearview mirror. Her brow is a thundercloud. She looks mad.

Tomorrow: finally, blessedly, Friday. P.S. I am sewing my children Thanksgiving dress clothes. Please make a big dorky “URF!” sound and hit yourself on the forehead, because that’s me.

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