the best laid plans and all that, but at least I have extra cupcakes

Last night I hosted a dinner party for sixteen people. It was sort of an all-day event for us; coming back from our Lake vacation early, cooking and cleaning most of the day.

Sadly, we had many cancellations right before the dinner; one group cancelling the day before and another group cancelling on the day of. A third group showed up over an hour and a half late (with a phone call ahead and, I’m sure, extraneous circumstances). Out of all invited, I had only two guests come when they said they would.

Given the effort, time and groceries I expended in this effort it could have been one of those emotionally-heightened disasters. You know, clanging plates on the table and silently biting back tears in the kitchen. But the actual gathering turned out well enough – thanks to one party’s invitation of an unexpected guest we had seven adults and three children. Conversation began to flow and it was discovered that disparate as our homes may be (one family resides in Europe) there were many names and places in common. It was lovely to meet new people, one guest who has an import store in the Oly area and who I hope to see again soon.

My favorite item from the menu were the Son-In-Law Eggs, which received compliments from the father of one family (I think he said about six words otherwise; a very laconic fellow). Despite sending home food with my guests, I have an entire salad in my fridge. I Freecycle’d it – so far, no takers but this word via email:

“Wish my wife were here to avail herself of your salad. She would love it, but is away for a few days. And even though my diet consists in large measure of vegetables, I don’t much care for salad. I’m really sending you this note just to say that I think it’s very kind and thoughtful of you to offer up the sald as you have, rather than just have it go to waste. Hope someone comes along in time.”

Thanks, RJ.

The get-together also provided a good house-clean in preparation. In the meantime I am re-evaluating my commitment to community activities.

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