today at the fabric store…

Well, it’s not much of a fabric store. Kind of an all-purpose merchantile. They have sewing notions, McCall’s patterns, and some fabrics and I go there in a pinch. The service there is ickly – employees at the cutting counter always show up late to the page, are often surly, and rarely (never, from what I’ve seen) have any sewing knowledge. Well, the lack of sewing knowledge is OK – I am just happy to have a fabric store in town with good prices, needles, thread, etc. and I consider it a bonus when I’m in a store that does have knowledgable staff.

To this morning I was looking for a sheer-ish curtain fabric so I can put up new curtains in my kitchen (which is freshly painted) without darkening it too much (I have a very small kitchen and one small window therein). I found this peach 100% poly sheer and I brought it up to the counter along with a cotton print I’m going to use for class tonight. When the woman came to the cutting counter and unwrapped the bolt I saw how filmy and slippery the fabric was and I started to believe it wouldn’t make a nice curtain, so I said “You know what? I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m going to get that. It looks like a nightmare to sew on.” Silently the woman wraps the bolt again. “I need to find a similar sheer in cotton,” I mused aloud. “They don’t make any such thing!” she rejoined sourly.

I just stood there. I didn’t know if I should tell her yes, in fact they DO make what I’m talking about (Ralph suggested I should have said, “First, they do make what I’m speaking of. Secondly, you’re being a cunt.”). I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised at the woman’s dour demeanor – after all, this was one of the ladies who behaved so horridly last year when my son fell ill in their store (Letter #2). I let her cut my other piece of fabric, thanked her, and left.

Sheesh. Luckily last night I had stellar customer service at the video store, so I feel balanced out. 🙂

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