"what stops you in your tracks?"

My sewing life evolves, fluctuates, frustrates, and inspires me. I now know there will never be a time in my life I won’t be sewing. Or if that occurs, I will be very alienated from myself and I shudder to think. As much as sewing is my passion, there are those aspects of being an ardent and devoted seamstress that just trip me up enough to temporarily forget the many rewards. Here are my top four:

1. UFOs.* UFOs! If I have something unfinished, I feel like a jerk. And then I put my sewing off because I don’t want to finish the project.

2. MENDING. I am seriously considering bagging up my mending and giving it to our local Free Store (like a thrift store but, um, everything’s free) because I HATE mending and I notice I’m not getting to it anytime soon.

3. When my sewing room is grungy I find myself disgruntled with sewing in general. Now I don’t mean messy – I have no problem putting stuff away and my items are very well-organized. But when the carpet feels dingy and it just has that LOOK to it I can feel rather dispirited. I usually ask my husband to sweep it out, then I do some reorg. and dusting and I feel refreshed.

4. Expensive fabric can halt me in my tracks as well (I don’t buy it often; and by “expensive” I mean anything over $10 / yd). I will end up “saving it” instead of using it (usually because I have not also bought the accoutrement / notions for the project – like the lining fabric, buttons, etc. Reminder to self: but EVERYTHING at once and just dive in!). Alternatively, when I do “cheap” sewing with some remnant or whatever and I am just being frugal but not in love with what I sew. I will lose interest in the project which then puts me back to #1!

So what about you, dear reader? What are the aspects of your craft that trip you up? P.S. Yes I know only three people read this blog EVER, but I am always happy to hear your comments.

* “Unfinished Objects”, in nerdy sewer’s parlance.

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