feeling the same way all over again

So – let’s skip to the real story. I got my iPod this year. Bitches! I knew it. My husband could only hold off for so long (R.I.P.) . Things that make this iPod even more fun than the one that preceeded it:

* this one has a color screen
* it’s smaller (flatter), and bigger (wider, with more storage space)
* it’s cheaper (yeah, I know.)
* the packaging was teeny
* Jack Sparrow was on the package and his package is not teeny

I am in many ways a spiritual person but damn. Not when it comes to Mac gadgets. And before you think I’m shallow, please know that I don’t really give a damn what you think – also, I really do only have TWO gadgets and they are both white and chrome and Mama loves them very much.

Seconds prior to present-opening.

My mom’s home-grown hand-crafted wares.

Christmas Day dinner:

Bruschetta, Cabbage Rolls, Potato Latkes, Strawberry Spinach Salad (minus the strawberries), sparkling cider, and a Guinness Cake (not pictured: the little bastard is still contemplating his doom!)

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