the horror

Today Blogger Beta (or I guess it’s not beta anymore but you wouldn’t know it from it’s assed-out performance) ate my post from earlier. Believe me, if you’d seen it, you would have thought I was witty yet heartbreakingly eloquent… You would have been moved to tears.

Given that I don’t have the energy to dredge up then post my awesomeness again, I’ll offer you today’s list of:

Other (Besides Blogger-Goofs) Top Annoyances / Evils of the World:

1. Bad hair. Normally I don’t care, but this quasi-Peter Cetera fuckup is pretty bad.

2. People who, once you find out where you disagree, hammer away to keep proving you’re “wrong”. I used to be good at this. I don’t do it anymore; at least, I try not to.

3. Girl-lisp. You know what I’m talking about. Contrived.

4. People who take me for granted. I’ll show them. I’ll show them all! P.S. have you noticed I’m not really speaking to you?

5. Cries for help. Just go get help already.


1. Texan girls. Why are they so awesome? The ones I run into, anyway.

2. My husband. He’s a goddamned hero. His ass looks good in jeans too.

3. My kids for enjoying scalding-hot baths with me. We Hogabooms don’t raise wussies.

4. Teapots delivered from Victoria’s Chinatown to my doorstep. Thank you!

5. Thai donuts from “1 2 3 Thai” restaurant. Yeah. That’s a name of an actual restaurant in town. Three seconds later, move said donuts up to “Evil” category.

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