changes, just a few

Today we did a couple new things: we re-arranged almost our entire house (we switched my sewing room, our bedroom, and the kids’ bedroom ALL around) and we adopted a kitty named Billy. A tortoiseshell semi-longhaired spayed two-year old beauty. She was the cat Sophie liked and I agreed; she is also a small cat, like the one we already have.

I am currently putting away laundry and Sophie is talking to the cat (who remains in her caddy until the house is restored). Sophie’s bringing the cat pictures and telling her who everyone is (me as bridesmaid, Sophie as a baby, Daddy and Mama getting married). She is alternatively accidentally calling the cat “Callie” (my neighbor’s cat) and “Uncle Billy” (my brother) and filling her in on every detail of our family life.

Good girl.

I’m going to go collapse in exhaustion now.

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