holding up through the winter

Our house has a new center. The downstairs bedroom, now converted to ours, is now where we four end up congregating for movies, cuddling, and playing. The room has one bed and one dresser in it (challenge: can anyone identify the object on the windowsill here?). Ralph and I consolidated our clothes to a small dresser and the closet. It feels nice.

To our surprise we found being a two-kitty household is actually more fun than having one! Fancy sleeps and plays with the kids (at any opportunity she can), Blackie sits above the computer and glowers at Fancy. No one is saying this out loud, but we notice Blackie is no longer hardcore enough to pout outside for weeks at a time in protest. She skulks down from her perch regularly for food, and we pet her and say nice things to her when she does (to soothe her rankled feelings).

I bought other stuff, but this about sums it up. You’re looking at two of the top-ten staples for our house. The large econo-tub of peanut butter was something new at the store – in the only brand we buy, no less.

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