suave, yet small and pink

Last night I finished an Ottobre pattern (05/2006 #20 Reefer Jacket) I’d been lusting after. I think I did a great job! More importantly, I can move onto something new today. Hurrah!

Some details:

Lining. Ralph mocks me for being a sucker for asian-themed prints. Note curved intersection of lining and shell hem – not a mistake, but the method of construction. Kinda odd.

Big ol’ buttons for li’l fingers.

A welt pocket! Yeah bitches. Can you do that? I thought not. OK, I’ll admit – the ones on my last welt pocket project fell apart (must sew down triangles! must!) but I learn from my mistakes.

Pockets are lined with a beautiful, vegetable-dyed organic cotton. So soft.

A hanging loop, cute, practical. Just somethin’ you gotta do when you sew a coat.

Kicking ass and taking names, pigtails at the ready.

Link to my pattern review.

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