another shot to the groin

I feel smashed flat.

I just spent a brief fifteen minutes touring a house in Hoquiam. It was within our price range. It was huge. It had lovely hardwood floors, two fenced yards, a deck, a clawfoot tub.

And the kitchen. Good lord. Counter space. Two ranges, one stainless, one in the island that also boasted a dishwasher. Hell, the laundry room was larger and nicer than the kitchen I was last in.

You know where this is going, right? I called the realtor as soon as I got in. It’s taken.

I know I should just decide this means there’s something else out there that’s as perfect for us. Or maybe I should decide to hate on something about that place. Right now I’m just wilted and depressed.

In other news, the day was good. I got up at 6:30 and cooked my parents and husband a large breakfast – how Chinese-wife of me! (sorry, my latest depressing work of Chinese fiction is still very much with me.) My mom and I readied the kids for a trip to the YMCA which here is affordable, amazing, and has reliable, clean, wondrous childcare. I did the elliptical machine and watched my mom’s ass as she jogged the treadmill. We lifted weights including this amazing girlie-machine that allows you to do dips or pullups by virtue of subtracting a certain amount of your own weight (the weight I subtracted was, I think, equivalent to my brother’s body including his heavy wool trenchcoat). And the whole time no one knew I was listening to Beyonce.

The kids came home and took monstrously large naps. We are about to head off to a movie. And the feather in the “Good News” cap – my dad and I bought Fat Tuesday doughnuts today:

MMmmm, Lenty!

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