feliz cumpleanos to me

Today is my thirtieth birthday. After brushing my teeth in the bathroom and pulling four combs out of my tangled post-sleep hair I re-entered my bedroom to a full-family seranade (Cyn knows just how sweet Sophie’s “birthday” rendition is). My husband presents me with coffee (in a “birthday cup”) and a card with a $25 iTunes gift certificate inside (my Ricky Gervais collection will all-too-soon be complete).

Besides Ralph’s gift, I haven’t received other gifts yet. However I have received so many nice comments and well-wishes for freinds, and they are appreciated. And because it was asked for, I’m going to provide my list of material goods I want:

1. Fancy’s return home.

2 An old Euro breadbox from Pane D’Amore in Port Townsend ($80 – $110 apiece).

3. Two items from Escentials: A 1/2 ounce of their Dragon’s Blood, and a 1/2 ounce of a custom blend (two parts cucumber, two parts grapefruit, one part fig).

4. A better coffee maker. Not a lot of timing, self-grinding crap. Not a french press, either (or Scaldy McScalds-a-Lot as I call them). I dunno.

5. A date (or a night away!) with Ralph. Very much.

6. A trip to the hairdressers. Perhaps put in the “Much Needed” category?

7. A date to see Ghost Rider with Sophie.

By the way: since I’m thirty now, and a big girl? I might just get some of these FOR myself.

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