what’s new, pussycat?

I don’t want to jinx anything, but I believe we may have found a house to land in Hoquiam. A very sweet old place almost directly across the street from my parents’ (babysitting score!). I knew the elderly man who owned it (he’s passed on, now) and I delivered him papers when a preteen. Not to mention the house – a downgrade in size and bedrooms but an upgrade in kitchen, mine now being the size of a large-ish crate – comes with gas heat and a clawfoot tub. A clawfoot tub. I’ve been coveting one for years.

I don’t want to jinx anything else, but our kitty Fancy is missing. I am really heartsick about this. For one thing, I have a fear of “something going wrong” with a new pet (hence my superstition about naming, my nightly wakeups since she’s gone AWOL) – and it now seems something has. She got out of the house last Saturday mid-morning and as of today (Tuesday) we have not heard from her. Those of you who have commiserated and told me it is “normal” for cats to go off for days at a time, thank you. I am earnestly hoping and praying for her return and safety. Today we filled out a detailed report at JCAS; tomorrow is the leaflet campaign coupled with woeful children in a wagon.

I hope I am being a huge asinine freak and she shows up on our doorstep soon, belly full of neighbor’s warm milk and entirely sassy that we have been worrying ourselves.

My recent funk where I was tired of cooking? was too boring to blog about, but it seems to have passed – at quite a cost since we ate out a bit the last couple weeks. Tomorrow I’m making The Anticraft’s Pie Pie to prove that yes, I’m back, I’m kicking ass, and taking names.

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