blarfing doesn’t work for me

I can’t believe how hard it is for me to be sick. If I’m “cute” sick, like for a day or so (which is the normal routine for me), it’s a minor inconvenience I get to bitch about. But this time, as it would happen, I got sick bad. Sick where I’m prone for an evening, then the next afternoon and evening, then a day, then another day, then I’m worried, and I can’t do much anything without feeling mighty dizzy afterwards. On my back with a throbbing headache and a stiff throat, reading interminably, unable to do more than one minor physical task (maybe take a bath, then lay back down on the couch still in a towel with wet hair), not well enough to cook, let alone care for my kids. My husband stays home, we shuffle the kids’ to my mom, and yeah, some of the time I have them while I’m dizzy with fever. P.S. this wasn’t as bad as the bout of strep and you will hear me give a prayer of thanks I am not that sick again.

Being thusly compromised if ANYthing else goes wrong, it feels like a crushing blow. I’m trying not to feel hurt, overwhelmed, upset, devastated. What with moving recently, and some of my FOO’s garbage (my parents each seem unsympathetic and disbelieving that I am actually rather ill; they seem to view this as a voluntary vacation I’m taking) and some other hurtful mini-drama here or there (I’m considering hipmama-cide but can’t figure out how to do it), it just fucking sucks.

And with that I’m done with my 15 self-allotted computer-time minutes and am going to try to get some coma sleep.

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