dragging myself up to the monitor and ignoring the kids

I have been very sick and somehow only equipped with very mediocre medicine and some vodka to help me sleep (it does, as best I can). This fell right on top of a visit over the weekend from PT gal-pal Abbi and her two daughters. I was about half decent hostess (activities included: a trip to the Olympia Farmer’s Market and the uber-crunchy Blue Heron Bakery, the Bowerman Basin bird walk, and swimming at the Y) – and half coma-on-the-couch while Ralph and Abbi cooked and kid-wrangled. The amount of sleep I did get surely helped and is probably the only reason I am able to function (partially) for half of today before my mother takes the children, a childcare blessing Ralph acquired for me via phonecall last night.

OK, I have to go cough up some more blood now and try to survive until noon.

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