Roasted Jalapenos

These are so good – and I get asked how to make them all the time. My husband drenches them in the soy sauce and overcooks them for a super-salty jerky-like treat. I tend to cook them until all crunch is gone, but no further. You know what though? I have never seen these babies go wrong. They go with any Mexican fare as a topping but we favor them dressing tostadas.

10 jalapenos
oil (canola is fine)
soy sauce or tamari

Heat oven to 300 or 400, depending on how much of a hurry you are.

Wearing gloves and in a well-ventilated kitchen, halve seven of the jalapenos and de-seed them. Wash the remaining three. The first batch will be your gringo-penos and these last three will going to be your El Diablo Fire-Ass jalapenos and should only be eaten if you know what you’re doing (the seedless ones will be quite mild – or at least I think so!). Toss with soy sauce and oil (the amount is up to you) in an oven-safe glass pan or roasting dish or self-made tinfoil pan if you’re desparate or camping (my goal is to be able to make these anywhere there is a heat source).

Roast uncovered until done. They are done when they are wilted but not blackened. In a 300 oven, this should take about 45 minutes. In a 400 oven, about 25 – and make sure to toss a few times.

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