"but not a hundred of them"

My mom invited us over for dinner tonight: meatloaf. Frankly, I’m dying for a break from cooking (altho’ I won’t be eating the meat, natch). Here were the negotiations:

Me: “Are there going to be mashed potatoes?” (I love my mom’s mashed potatoes)

My mom: “OK. What about vegetables *? What does Ralph like?”

My dad: “How about carrots?”

My mom: “I know what you like. I’m trying to find out what he likes.”

Me: “He likes caesar salad – I have a great dressing recipe I can mail you.”

My mom: “Good idea! I have a head of romaine. I’ll find anchovies for the dressing.”

My dad: [ unintelligible muttering because he hates salad ]

Me: “What was that?”

My dad (sullen): “I didn’t say a fucking thing.”

* My mom’s cooking requirements per dinner: meat, one “starch”, one veggie.

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