coats ‘n’ more coats, in the 75 degree weather

Front-pocket Assembled - Almost
Today I joined the lining and underlining for Ottobre 05/06 #10. I also marked the pattern pieces and assembled the pocket. I am currently fretting over the pocket flap and hood trim, which instead of a cotton fur knit (P.S. Ottobre, *where* do you get these fabrics?) is a fleece. I don’t think the fleece looks all that good as a trim although with regards to the above pocket flap I know trimming seam allowances, pressing, and topstitching will improve matters.

Shout-out to Gutterman’s topstitching thread which really does look nice on this twill.

In other news, today was my brother’s birthday. I made him a CD, my daughter drew him a fabulous card, and I created him a Custom Order Form for what I’m calling his Portland Coat – as he’s moving soon. Here’s what he got in his card (click to enlarge):

To my surprise, he actually assented to filling this out with me which included me discussing technique and measuring him at his shoulders, arms, chest, waist, and hips (tee hee!).

Although I can’t afford to buy fabric right now (or rather I can… but my gas heat has been turned off for a week and perhaps I should pay that bill instead!) this project will be the next fabric purchase I make – along with that for my Vietnamese Ao Dai.

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