earning my way

News, news, news.

Last month I (in bullheaded fashion) decided I simply had to enter a SewUseful contest (sponsored by Etsy and Instructables). Part of the contest requirements was to put up a listing for the item along with an accompanying Instructable. OK, fine. Surprisingly, my “invention” (bike chaps) sold out in a few hours.

Sadly, on the last day of the contest I (and others) had mucho technical difficulties uploading image libraries and editing text. I almost gave up; my husband insisted I soldier on. Today they fixed the last of the bug and I uploaded the final pieces of my Instructable. I think I got one hand-clap so far so, if you view it and like it, comment on it. I think that involves you registering, which you likely don’t want to do, unless you’re some DIY dork that already is registered. Um, not that Instructable members are dorks. I mean, I’m one.

My other income this month were earned in zine form; my writing is featured in the new Aussie MixTape zine. Oooh! Oooh! They like me!

So yeah, this week I made like, $34.

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