Roasted Whole Jalapenos

These are a variation on my other roasted jalapenos. These versions end up softer, more jalapeno-flavored (and less salty), and as well contain all their seeds. You can either eat them whole (like I do, because I’m a badass) or split them open and scrape out as many seeds as you like (leaving a few is always a nice flavor touch). I like to take a whole one and wrap it in a flour tortilla with whatever tofu, beans, greens, and cheese I have on hand.

6 – 10 fresh jalapenos
About a tablespoon tamari
About a tablespoon olive oil

350 preheat with a baking stone in oven; alternatively, make a ghetto tinfoil pan.

Wash jalapenos and set on cooking stone. Carefully toss tamari and olive oil on top. Roast twenty minutes. Flip and roast another ten minutes. Remove and allow to cool slightly. Consume.

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