started out assy and kept along in that same vein

Today while relying on public transportation I was let down. As in, an entire bus went missing and the kids and I stood waiting for about forty minutes. Forty minutes isn’t that long but forty minutes is a long time when you’re expecting a bus any minute. Forty minutes lost meant I dressed in workout clothes for naught; when we got to the Y there wasn’t enough time for me to get my exercise in before Sophie had her lessons. By the way, she’s swimming quite well and today told me she wants to be a swimming teacher “when [she] grow[s] up”.

After lessons it was a walk back to the bus stop; unpleasant and muggy. Then to my parents’ where I am feeling oddly uncomfortable, never knowing if I’m showing up too much for my sewing work (isn’t it nice with FOO you get to guess how the feel about you?).

On the happier side, my family has discovered “Spongebob Squarepants” (rented on DVD) – finally. We held out for a long time before checking into it, as most kid cartoons really irritate me. But it turns out the hype is earned. It’s a funny show, reminiscent in many ways of old school “Ren & Stimpy” but non-violent and not nearly as gross. Impressive!

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