the little ones, again

A few days ago I read about Youssif, an Iraqi boy who was doused with gasoline and set on fire my masked attackers. I repeat, some full grown men threw gasoline on a child and lit this child on fire. CNN aired the story and viewers responded, wanting to help in some way. Two days later the Children’s Burn Foundation (great cause; assy-looking website) set up a portal to donate to Youssif’s care. He and his family will be flown to their group in California for both physical and psychological care.

Yesterday I only donated $10. I know that isn’t much. But maybe someone who reads my blog will donate, too. I have kept this blog over three years and I’ve never done a plug for a donation. For me, it wasn’t Youssif’s scars that pained me to see – scars that are quite severe (the picture of his head entirely encased in bandages seemed worse to me). It was his mother’s description of the change in his personality after the crime. I couldn’t get that thought out of my mind, a beautiful and happy child who’d turned into a sullen and sensitive child.

I believe we should try to be a force for good. If we stop giving, if we stop listening to the suffering and the needs of others, I believe we are a force for evil. It isn’t important how we help, it’s important we keep ourselves open to helping.

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