with a very important announcement! And yes, it’s kitten-related.

Today was kind of a busy day. I was out in the early morning to pick up my brother (who I’m now calling Princess) and head out to visit our parents in Pacific Beach. While there my mom treated us to a very tasty burger stand – they had not only veggie burgers but spicy black bean burgers! Yay and thank you! – and then headed home around 1 PM. I dropped my brother off then headed to the salon for a haircut and color; something I’ve always found so boring in past sessions but I’ve come to enjoy my time with my stylist Traci very much. From there I directly came home, loaded kids and their snack into car, and journied to the Y for Sophie’s swim lesson (additional news flash – yesterday a kid – not mine! – vomited into the pool and there was a mass evacuation), then hit KITTEN ISLAND, aka a very funky old house in Cosi with four friendly kitten creatures who tried to act like winsome orphans for our benefit.

Yes, you heard me. KITTEN ISLAND. This is the magical place where kittens climb on you and rest and look cute and you think about taking two instead of one. By the way, it had been a number of years since I’d had a kitten and I’ve forgotten things about them. Like they can’t jump up to your knee even on a low sofa so they climb it. Like they are incredibly trusting to new people. Like they can hide anywhere apparently (this one is doing so as I write this).

The kitten is, we believe, male. The kitten is stripey and has grey and white eyeliner. The kitten doesn’t have a name; yes, I have taken pictures and will post them soon. The kitten got a flea bath before the kitten’s paws touched the floor of my house. I also told the kitten I was sorry to take him from his brothers and sisters. Then I said, “But that’s what happens to kittens…” and the male of the couple whom we were adopting from nodded gently and said soberly, “That’s life.”

Let that be the last sober and sad reflection towards our new family member at Casa del Hogaboom.

Welcome, kitten!

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