looking for a new love, baby

Nuevo Máquina de Coser
I have a “new” machine. It was my grandmother’s. Oddly it is almost the exact age of my 201-2 (which is to say, 56 years old). My MIL saw it today and said, “Do you have any good new machines?” meaning most people want to see shiny white plastic. The machine was dirty and cosmetically banged-up, but runs well. I’m thinking of hauling its over-heavy ass to the Quilt Show in Ocean Shores tomorrow to give to the reps who can take it to their Oly shop and clean it / tune it up.

Sewing Day
Yesterday two girlfriends and I had a little sew-date together. This was about an hour before my world went a bit sideways. P.S., I’m at the heel flap and heel turn of the socks pictured above left and they’re going great.

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