i’m kind of sick but also excited

I’m working up a new recipe.* Listening to Dean Martin’s “Forever Cool”. You know, he has me at Track 01 (“Ain’t That A Kick In The Head”). Damn, that man packed some sex appeal in his crooning.

Tonight Cyn sends me a link. I kind of laughed, then I started looking around. And it turns out this is the loneliest, and I mean the loneliest thing I have ever seen. More lonely than the geekiest D&D nerds with their 12-sided die, drinking Mountain Dew all night. More lonely than that dog turd half-squished on the lawn. More lonely than the stale half-donut in the bottom of the box after the Insurance Benefit Primer Workshop at a Community College.

* ETA: we had it for dinner; ’twas amazing!

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