romance is not dead (it’s swayze!)

Today besides the normal drill of fixing breakfast and lunch and getting the kids read for school I cooked a mini-Thanksgiving “feast” of roast turkey, mashed potatoes w/butter, and carrot sticks for Sophie’s kindergarten class – fresh out of the shower at 12:40 throwing potatoes in boiling water for a lunch date at 1 PM (yes, I made it and on time too), deep-cleaned the bathroom, entertained my father during a surprise coffee visit (our conversation actually took many turns for the personal depths, much to my surprise), took the kids to the Sweet Shoppe and picked up some catered bread pudding while there (the only item on the T-day menu I’m not making), took the kids to the Y and worked out, and cut out two dresses and two skirts to sew for Sophie. At my parents’ tonight I realized I couldn’t sew at home; my children / the kitten – someone – had got ahold of my bobbin helmet, a part I truly do need in order to sew. On hearing this my husband offered to haul my Singer 201 down the narrow stairs, put it in the van and drive it to our house to set up; the machine itself weighs 25 lbs. and is in a giant cabinet that isn’t easy to carry even over level ground. I opted instead to come home and tear the house apart for the missing piece to my 15-91. *

Here’s another reason I like being married to Ralph; tonight at 9 PM when I said, “Oh, you should go rent Roadhouse since the video stores won’t be open tomorrow,” and he said “Fuckin’ A’!”, grabbed our son, and left to go do it. So. There are so many, many people who would not have had that response.

Through a misplaced Tweet I found Devil’s Night Radio and I’m loving it. Tonight I heard Nick Cave’s “Stagger Lee” which I haven’t listened to in nine years on account of how much it offended Ralph when I played it in my car.

Oh, and I found out that after working out and not drinking alchool for a little over a week I have dropped six pounds. People, just so you know, this is officially the first time in my life I’ve ever done anything approximating “dieting”. I’m glad to have lost weight but I’m even more amazed at how good I feel.

So yeah. Things are going great around these parts.

* ETA – that was fast. I published my post, walked into the living room, moved one couch and immediately found the little metal part. Good times.

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