i like the first wiseman’s moves the most

(Apologies that this is, in fact, a commercial. Thanks MF!)

Christmas was good this year. I even had a cat-nap – can’t remember the last time I did that. Great food, good company, and nice, thoughtful presents. In fact, there are only – out of all the gifts that came across my stoop this year – two teeny tiny items that will be moving on from my house. It’s not what my brother gave my family if you were wondering, because, you know, he didn’t. Get us anything. It’s the fact I’m so goddamned controlling no one buys my kids Barbie or plastic hoo-ha or anything they aren’t sure I’m OK with. On one level I feel like some kind of present-Nazi about this but, yet, light as a feather and guilt free when looking at the high quality comic books, handmade clothes, coloring pencils, free-trade dry goods, cotton kitchen towels, dye-cast cars from antique stores, and locally-bought t-shirts that now grace our home. Also, more Strangers with Candy. Yesss!

I want to stress that I really am grateful for the loving friends and family but of course I play favofites: I’ve got a soft spot for the a homemade “Double Deuce” shirt from my husband. It truly was the craziest – the Swayziest – Christmas I’ve had so far!

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