"the stuff legends are made of" all right

Welcome to the world of Relative Invisibility. When I have a day like today I remember that’s where I’m supposed to be stationed. The fact is, one’s best days as a housewife and mother (or “domestic engineer” as a recent Etsy survey allowed) are often the days where you take care of the things that no one, and I mean no one, notices needed done nor gives acknowledgment to the tasks’ completions.

Today it was working a shift at the preschool, signing up for a dessert raffle, stopping at the notary’s to sign the school’s lease, mailing a package and buying stamps at the post office, dropping a package (Sophie’s shoe return to zappos.com) at the UPS store, dropping off a clothing donation to the Salvation Army, dropping off a letter to a friend, picking up fresh eggs, calling in and picking up an (incomplete) shot record for my daughter’s pediatrician, taking my daughter to the pediatrician, picking up a prescription at the pharmacy, along with the requisite grooming, dressing, loving, feeding, and guidance to my children. When all was said and done my van was cleaner, my to-do list diminished, and I was ready to go home. At which point, while taking ten minutes at the computer, my son dismantled the Christmas tree and threw ornaments against the wall.

TGIF or; Ralph, you are so taking care of some shit for me this weekend.

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