"What’s wrong, honey? Do you have to puke?" "Okay – [ blarf! ]"

So – whoops, tee-hee! We are temporarily broke. Dry. Out of money. When I say “out” I mean “out”. This means no groceries or gas or espresso for us until Thursday (Wednesday, if we want to celebrate early with a check to Top Food & Drug). Hey, it happens. It hadn’t happened in a while, so, things were going well as far as I was concerned. And it wasn’t even Christmas or anything, which we spent a very modest amount on (by that I mean, I spent less than one hundred dollars). It just… happened. Again. Today I took some random stuff out of the freezer and heated it. Tomorrow I’ll get my 5 lb. bag of whole wheat flour from my mom’s kitchen and make some pizza without cheese or something.

Our daughter is unexpectedly taking one for the team today, though. She has literally not had a thing to eat except a few ounces of milk this morning. She got sick this afternoon and has been spending her time hot, vomit-y (once), weak, and sleeping. Amazingly she checked herself into the nurse’s station at school and slept a while, then returned to class (rather than calling home for me). When I picked her up she was very hot, weak, and a special shade of milky-green. She’s been home with me ever since, and I’ve been taking care of her which mainly consists of bathing, cuddling, and petting her. Poor child.

But thanks, Sophie, for not taking up any of our precious, precious resources. Just a few more days, honey.

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