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This afternoon I’m sitting in Casa Mia with my husband and son drinking coffee and watching, out of the corner of my eye, back-to-back episodes of “Cops” from the television that faces the restaurant kitchen. Onscreen an anemic blonde’s shiny, anxious face crumples into ruin as officials pull two small baggies of a plant from under her seat. Her boyfriend sits against a concrete wall, grim and silent, while she is handcuffed and put in a patrol car. Both of their faces are as spare as knife blades, homely with anxiety and a life used to disappointments, setbacks, and drama. I feel so odd seeing this onscreen. We don’t have television in our home; getting glimpses of it is a foreign experience.

Today I’ve had several birthday wishes and songs,* a lovely bouquet from my friend Shannon, and numerous sweet emails and IMs. A morning mocha from my mother and – best of all – Ralph took a full day off to be with me. In the “Gets Your Teary-Eyed Thing Going” category, my daughter ratted my birthday out to her class and after my volunteer time the teacher led them all in singing to me. I love those children dearly.

I also just printed out the finished copy of January / February’s Sure Nail & Fire, mailed out issues to subscription-takers, and got our Valentine’s out (two separate swaps). Oh, and I’ve officially decided to homeschool my kids, and been rather busy with that concept as well.


Busy busy.

* I even find the ones from my online community-bots to be oddly comforting.

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