10 Minute Eggs

Also called Perfect Hardboiled Eggs.

I had to name these to remind myself how long to boil them. These eggs are perfectly done and always easy to peel (fresh or less fresh doesn’t seem to matter). If you like your yolk a little bit softer try seven minutes on the boil.

Boil enough water to cover the eggs by an inch. At the boiling point, turn the water down to gently roll / simmer. Lower each egg in by spoon gently to make sure they don’t crack and assure yourself the action of the water won’t do the same. Time them ten [seven] minutes. If you want you can stir them during the boil to insure the yolks are dead-center in the finished egg! I like my deviled eggs imperfect, though.

Remove each egg one at a time and immerse in ice bath or running cold water until relatively cool. Peel and eat or use in recipe.

If you make deviled eggs out of them, just use a bit of mayo, lemon, soy sauce, celery seed, salt, fresh ground pepper, and a teensy bit of mustard. Then stick black olives impaled on pretzel sticks in the top.

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